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Director and Founder: Barbara Cerro

General Programming and Executive Production: Barbara Cerro

Production Coordination: Ita Romero

Production Assistance: María Ayelén Bustos Suárez, Julián Lassa Ortiz, Rocío Muñoz

Animation Programming: Barbara Cerro

Animation Selection Committee: Florencia Granja, Barbara Cerro

Videogame Programming: Bruno Martínez

BITBANG Club: Barbara Cerro

Design and Art: Marcus

Recording: Julieta Sol, Jeremías Juárez

Volunteering: Lucía Crohare, Felipe Rueda, Ariel Cirianni, Clara Martínez

Voces del Sur

Creative Partner: Ojo Raro

Bárbara Cerro


Director and founder of BITBANG since 2014 and audiovisual producer. She graduated from Image and Sound Design (UBA). She directed series, shorts, and commissioned works. Her works toured numerous festivals around the world such as the Berlinale, Annecy, Ottawa and the Quirino Awards, and were awarded nationally and internationally, including the Martín Fierro Digital for Best Series. She gave talks and workshops and participated as a jury in various festivals, and last year she won the Recognition Award for Contribution to Argentine Animation (Anima Latina). She has worked in numerous animation festivals as a curator and programmer. She performs the Artistic Direction, the curatorship, the programming, the selection of the Animation Competition and the organization of BITBANG.

Florencia Granja

Animation Selection Committee

She graduated from the Image and Sound Design career (UBA). As a filmmaker, she developed and collaborated on animation projects of various kinds in the field of education while attending various visual and plastic arts workshops, complementing her training and experiencing links between frame-by-frame animation techniques through painting in acrylic. Currently, she is specializing in Motion Graphics at the Da Vinci School and editing, animating and composing audiovisual pieces for BITBANG TV. She also participated as a jury in the fourth edition of Anima Latina in the category of “Short films made by children”. She is part of the BITBANG short film selection committee.

Sol Monferran

Sol Monferran


Sol Monferran (Seres Azules). Transdisciplinary artist from the province of Misiones, studied Animation Film Direction at the Da Vinci School (Buenos Aires), is Director and Producer of Laboratorio Azul, an animation and video game studio. She is the director and producer of Multiversos, Misiones Arts and Technology Festival.

BITBANG8 Creative Partner

Rudo Company

Rudo Company is a multi-award winning 2D animation studio, founded in 2015. Directed by Ezequiel Torres and Pablo Rafael Roldán, we work in advertising, video clips, short films and all kinds of formats. We direct and produce TV Commercials for brands such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, Cartoon Network, MTV, Absolut Vodka and many other brands. We are part of the roster of Psyop directors for the United States and Canada. In 2017 we produced the video clip The Wolf that had more than 150 million views on YouTube. So far we have premiered 6 short films, with which we participated in more than 150 official selections around the world. We are excited to create and produce new pieces with different visual universes and are now looking to develop our own original content.

Ezequiel Torres


Ezequiel Torres studied comics in his adolescence with Silvestre Szilagyi and since then he has been a fan of the art of storytelling. He graduated as a Graphic Designer at the UBA and a few years later began his career as an Animator in studios such as La Posta, Flamboyant Paradise and 4 Humans. In 2015, together with Pablo Roldán, he founded Rudo Co and since then he has collaborated as Director and Animator in video clips and numerous commercials for brands such as Adidas, Nike, Apple, and more.

Pablo Roldan

Pablo Roldán


Pablo Roldán studied graphic design at the UBA, while developing his career, working in pre-press, design and art direction in different studios in Argentina, developing graphics and campaigns for local and international brands.
In 2015, together with Ezequiel Torres, he founded Rudo Company and since then he has collaborated as Director and Art Director in multi-award winning video clips and commercials that participated in more than 150 Official Selections at festivals around the world.

Ailín Bustamante


Ailín Bustamante was born in the north of Argentina where she received a degree in Journalism and Producer and Director for Radio and Television. She produced animated short film projects such as ‘No Lullaby’, ‘Strass’ and ‘Crazy New Hairstyles’ that participated in labs and festivals around the world. She is currently in charge of Rudo Co’s Original Content, in addition to independently producing projects from Argentine authors.