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Animation, Video Games And Digital Art

BITBANG is a non-profit organization, created in 2014, for the promotion and dissemination of avant-garde animation, video games and digital art. We are a platform that disseminates and promotes experimental, risky and authorial artistic proposals, and gives rise to diverse voices.

BITBANG has its namesake International Festival, which has been held annually in the city of Buenos Aires since 2015. Every year we present global leaders and discover new talents. We promote the development of creativity in animation, video games and digital art by offering workshops and master classes with the most visionary artists. In our editions there are projections, installations, immersive art, collective and collaborative creation activities, exhibitions, video games and parties, in a space that encourages exchange between artists, professionals and enthusiasts.

In addition, in 2017, we created a Club that brings the community together through meetings throughout the year. In our parties there are arcades and facilities that coexist with animations and visuals to the rhythm of the music of DJs and bands, in which there are sometimes exhibitions, fairs and karaoke.

We also put together weekly screenings, workshops and even an art camp, because we believe that the arts are an integral part of life and that active participation in culture contributes to a peaceful coexistence.

BITBANG Festival and BITBANG Club provide access to quality artistic content and experiences for expression, learning, reflection and play. We provide a space for experimentation, co-creation, innovation, dialogue and the birth of projects. We create a meeting point between animation, video games and digital art, which attracts curious minds from all over the world, who participate to discover, be inspired, connect and share. We are a restless community that does not stop doing.


BIT BANG Animation

Since 2018 we do the Animation Competition with categories:

  • International Shorts
  • International School Shorts
  • Latin American shorts
  • Latin American School Shorts
  • Latin American Series
  • Video clips

BIT BANG Video Games

Since 2019 we have awarded independent video games:

  • Design and Gameplay
  • Visual arts
  • Audio
  • Narrative
  • Arcades
  • International video game
  • Latin American video game


We reward disruptive animated immersive experiences:

  • Audience award
  • Best International VR
  • Best Latin American VR


Watch our channel with original material and interviews with animation and video game leaders.


Meetings and parties that enhance the experience of animation, digital art, music and video games. Talks, samples and installations in pop-up format. Projections with short and long cycles. All year round there is BITBANG Club!

BIT BANG Worldwide

We participate in many festivals and events. We went through Annecy, GLAS Animation, La Guarimba, Holland Animation Festival, Manchester Animation Festival, O! Pla Festival, Anima Mundi, Chilemonos, LESMA, as well as the national Cinema under the stars of the Villa María INCAA Space, Cinema under the stars in the City of Córdoba within the framework of APA Lab, Stopmo Lovers, Anima Latina, Carton and El Fan, among others.

projections. exhibits. International And Latin American Animation And Videogame Competitions. Workshops. Master Classes. Conferences. Game Jam. Luxury Guests. Parties.

2024 Edition


October 24 to November 1, 2024